Our Mission

We think there's certain truths in life. A healthy life starts with a healthy body, and before that, a healthy mind. That's why we've invested decades, and $100,000+ into Self-Development trying to find out what makes humans tick and how to get the best out of them. Here is a bit about us.

Meet Our Team

Here are the humans behind the magic.


Founder, Mindset expert and creator of the ’SYSTEM’


Built Transform40, Coach, Mindset Mentor.


Here from Day 1. Coach, Nerd, the Guy you go to when you're feeling down.


Coach, Running and ZUU Specialist, Resident Comedian


Coach, Empowering Women, Goofy and Fun.


I'm the first face you see when you walk in. Want a shake? Treat? Merch? I'm your girl.


Coach, Beloved Kiwi, Strength and Conditioning Genius.


Coach, Dad, Unreal Source Of Wisdom and Kindness.

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